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Pastor's Alb #170-M


Pastor's Alb

Shown with Pulpit Stole #099 Pastor's Alb #168-M with Button Closure

Our pastor's alb features easy velcro/snap closures on the crossover front. Fully cut for ease of movement, this classic styly features a tapered, standing collar, and cuffed coat sleeves. The men's version #170-M includes a right pocket slit, and left full pocket. The women's version #169-F is tailored with right and left full pockets. A cincture cord in your choice of colors is included in the cost of this garment. Some prefer a button, rather then velcro closure at the shoulder on a paster's Alb. Both options are available for Murphy. Our Pastor's Alb #168-M for men and #167-F features a button closure, and can be tailored in your choice of fabrics.


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