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Evangelical Cassock #397-F & 399-M
Evangelical Cassock

Shown with Band Cinctures #082-F & #083-M & Shoulder Cape #559

Unforgettable when tailored in purple Viva and accented with purple Renaissance Brocade pleat inserts and cuffs. Both cassocks are styled with five contrasting inverted pleats, as well as gold metallic piping edging the cuffs, collar and front button closure, and are lined to the waist. The men's version includes as inside vest pocket, a right pocket slit, and a left full pocket. The women's version includes right and left full pockets. Dry Clean.

Shoulder Cape #559 tailored in purple Renaissance Brocade with god metallic piping completes the look created exclusively by Murphy for special occasion within the church. Dry Clean.

Evangelical Cassock #399-M

  Evangelical Cassock

Shown with Band Cincture #902-M

A tribute to Black history, this cassock #399-M is tailored in black Viva with woven kente cuffs, five inverted pleats in front and back and corded piping, Lined to the waist with a vest pocket on the men's version, this Cassock can be tailored for a woman as well. Please order style #397-F for women.

Our Band Cincture is also tailored in woven kente and closes easily with velcro. 4" black rayon chainette fringe provides a finished look. Dry Clean. Extend the woven kente look throughout the sanctuary with paraments tailored in your choice of woven kente patterns.

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Custom Pulpit Robes