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Cassock H-101

Ideal for Communion Sundays, this pure white Viva pastorís cassock features a full button front closure, inverted pleats in the side and center back seams, lining to the waist, and has an inner vest pocket...

Price: $ 310.90

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Band Cincture H-102

A scarlet Latin Cross embroidered on the top drop accents this white Viva band cincture...

Price: $ 52.90

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Cassock H-187

Standout in this strikingly simple ensemble. Tailored in rich white Linette fabric, featuring white-gold metallic trim, embroidered solid cross on cuffs, and inverted pleats in sides and center back...

Price: $ 329.90

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Band Cincture H-188

Designed to coordinate with Cassock H-187. Tailored in white Linette fabric with white-gold metallic trim, and white fringe on front drops. Velcro closure.

Price: $ 59.90

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Cassock H-42

Make a powerful statement in the distinguished looking Evangelical Cassock H-42 ensemble, shown above right. This special occasion ensemble is tailored for men in black Viva with purple and gold metallic Radiance Brocade accents and gold metallic corded piping...

Price: $ 415.00

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Shoulder Cape H-50

This distinctive shoulder cape is an original creation available exclusively from Murphy. Designed to complement the H-42 Cassock...

Price: $ 95.00

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Band Cincture H-46

Panels of Radiance Brocade edged at the top with gold metallic piping accent each of the front drops. Adjustable Velcro closure.

Price: $ 74.00

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Cassock H-41

The unique Evangelical Cassock H-41, show below, is tailored in black Viva and edged with scarlet red corded piping...

Price: $ 435.90

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Shoulder Cape H-49

The satin lined Shoulder Cape H-49 completes the H-41 ensemble, and is edged with scarlet red corded piping.

Price: $ 124.90

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Band Cincture H-45

Closes at the waist with adjustable Velcro strips...

Price: $ 77.90

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